Article 15 and 17

This is going to be an odd post for me, since technically, this shouldn’t affect me as this site is pitifully small and probably doesn’t get that much traffic anymore. I mean, why come here when I barely post anymore? lol

Alright, I’ve been saying I want to revamp this site and at some point, I will. What I’ll probably end up doing is just nuking the entire site and starting from a newly formed blog and then start doing whatever. This is the most likely thing that’s going to happen. But for now, let’s get to the main point I’ll be making.

As I said, the EU Articles 15 and 17, dubbed “Link Tax” and “Upload Filter” respectively, were the old Article 11 and 13 before the vote was finalized and passed. With quite a large margin for compared to against. You can find more on this article from TorrentFreak. So what does that mean for my site? Well… this may be extreme, but I am contemplating on blocking all EU member states from visiting this site. This may not matter too much considering that VPN’s are quite a thing now-a-days, but at the same time, I’ve not decided.

On a technicality, I live in the US. The website is in the US. I abide by local laws, Texas state laws, and US federal laws where I am personally located. EU laws should have no bearing on me whatsoever and should, in theory, have no legal justification on me. Same could be said in regards to GDPR that was passed a while back. I may see about talking to various people to see about getting advice on what it actually would mean for me since all I would really plan to do is just random rambles, maybe just a place to outline story ideas, anime/manga reviews, or crap like that.

That’s basically how I feel for now. So, a potential block of all EU users could occur, because copyright is a massively messy thing that I don’t want to have to legally deal with and… ugh, its just such a freakin’ mess. And anyone wonders why I won’t upload Youtube videos anymore… Eventually its just going to get to a point that we’d have to get permission from like 10 different entities because every small portion is copyrighted to some degree by different lawyers and thus have to get a license for every minor thing just to post one thing. I mean seriously, who in their right mind is going to go through that kind of trouble?

To put it blunt: Fuck Copyright. Fuck RIAA. Fuck MPAA. Fuck Hollywood. If it were me, I’d completely tear Copyright apart, abolish the entire law. Make a Copyright 2.0 law that fits with modern society that guarantees protection for 14 years, with a one-time extension of another 14 years. After that, your work is forced into public domain so people can improve on the original concept. But during the protection, one would have full access to the law behind them to protect their works in the meantime.

And for the record, any work that would have been under the old law would still apply. So, any works made while the old law was in force, would retain protection for however many generations of people that get fucked over by over-staying copyright laws. It would only apply to newly created works so that innovation can continue to move forward, instead of backward.

This was my rant for the day.

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