Your cute little Kitsune Administrator!

General Information

It’s quite a known fact that TwinShadow is the fox administrator for his love of foxes. But where does that obsession come from? Hardly anyone knows at all. But, just about everywhere he goes, he garners the attention for being 2kochan’s Fox Administrator, among other things, such as Kawaii Kitsune for another community he visits.

As many people know, our Fox Admin here is a huge fan of anime, and will always be on some sort of forum with anime-related avatars. Of course, he also has this habit of using a random image script for avatars to save him the trouble of using a different image all the time. His obsession with anime is quite big, big enough that that is what he watches all the time. He still lives on as a part-gamer for some games he still plays every now and then, but he just absolutely enjoys a good anime any time he gets that chance.

Other Information

Many of his friends call him Shippo, but he sometimes calls himself Crim on occasions, basing himself somewhat on a character he made. Being an anime fan, he also does roleplaying on occasions, acting out different characters, male or female, for stories. He has quite an assortment of characters to play around with, but he has this thing for making adorably cute girls for some reason, a habit he hasn’t been able to break.

Setting that aside, his real name is Ryan, but we’re not going to disclose his last name, for personal reasons. He would rather be called Shippo, or some other name he may be fond of. TwinShadow was an alias he made for wanting to be a double sword user if it were to become a melee fight; or rather, more of a dream than anything else.


Some time ago, when he was around the age of 14 or so, is the time when he started to delve very deep into computers and technology. It basically started out with a simple forum community for a gaming clan for Battlefield 1942. It didn’t go so well, so he ended up leaving that business for something else. It was also around that time when he got into Battlezone 2, a PC game that is still enjoyed by some today. He was also part of a BZ2 clan at the time until they decided to turn it into a fanclub that lasted for years until they closed down for good, while the index page remains clean and provides simple navigation.


Regardless of all that, TwinShadow has good knowledge of HTML and CSS, but not quite up to snuff yet to be a professional. He spends some of his time messing around with phpBB forum systems, and has been delving into others such as SMF and MyBB. But, even then… he still turns to phpBB despite some setbacks. He hopes to one day code in PHP to create more advanced websites, and help graphic designers with their templates to make quality, yet free web templates for people.

Staff Ability

His ability to moderate and administrate different communities is rather a mixed opinion. Some say he’s too hard and should lighten up, but others think he’s fine. It’s true, he is tough on certain aspects when enforcing certain rules, but he also has his own views with moderating. He tries to be fair with everyone, and typically operates on a 3-strike, your out system. Rather than being a site maintainer, he would rather be a forum administrator as he can maintain a forum somewhat better than managing an entire website instead.

Ways of Contact

Main Email: