Simple Stuff

To start off, I’ll go with the basics to MemoServ, you usually don’t need to change from the default settings of MemoServ, which will be explained later in this tutorial. To send a memo, use this:

/ms send nickname Some text here
This will send a memo to whoever you put in the Nickname area. You will always get a notification on how to read memos, but if you need a reference, here you go:

/ms read {num}
Depending on how many memos you may have, the {num} is any number from 1-20. By default, you are allowed 20 memos in your box, but this can be changed per user.

If you like to get a list of memos that you have, then use this command:

/ms list
This will return a list of all the memos you have, or none at all.

For deleting memos, there are a few ways to go about that. You can delete 1-by-1, or you can do mass deleting. Here’s how it works:

/ms del {num}|LAST|ALL
Example1: /ms del 1 - Deletes just the first memo
Example2: /ms del 2-5,7-9,11 - This deletes memos 2-5, 7-9, and 11.
Example3: /ms del LAST - This deletes the last memo in your list.
Example4: /ms del ALL - This will delete all of your memos.

Quite a bit, huh? The same applies to READ in many ways.

Other Useful Stuff

There are a couple other useful tips for MemoServ. Ever wondered if a memo to another user was read or not? Use the following command to check:

/ms check nickname
That will check if the user has read the last memo you sent to him/her.

If you would like to get information on your current setup with MemoServ, then use this command:

/ms info
This will return with information similar to this:

-MemoServ- You currently have no memos.
-MemoServ- Your memo limit is 20.
-MemoServ- You will be notified of new memos at logon and when they arrive.

Of course, some of this can indeed be changed, which is what we’re going to talk about now.

Small Configuration

Unlike NickServ, ChanServ, and BotServ where the SET options are quite a daunting task, MemoServ has two very simple options. We’re going to explain both of them now, starting with the limit.

The memo limit is the amount of memos you can receive and hold at the same time. To change your limit, do the follow command:

/ms set limit {num}
The default limit is 20, and you can change this to any number below this limit. If you wish for a higher limit, please see the Services page for that requesting it.

There are different types of notifications for MemoServ when you receive a new memo. The default setting is you will receive a notice if you are already online, and when you log in. To change this, do the following:

/ms set notify ON|LOGON|NEW|OFF
NOTIFY ON – This is the default setting. Shows notices when you log on and when they are sent to you.
NOTIFY LOGON – This will only give you a notice when you logon.
NOTIFY NEW – This will only give you a notice when you are online when a user sends a memo to you.
NOTIFY OFF – This turns off notification.